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My career as an international psychic, tarot reader, astrologer, metaphysical teacher and writer has brought me much insight and joy throughout the years. My clients are interesting, bright, colorful individuals. Among the many are celebrated actors, authors, designers, journalists, politicians, and members of royalty whose names fill the headlines, as well as those from every walk of life the world over. I've learned a lot from my clients, perhaps as much as they've gleaned from me. It is claimed I possess an uncanny gift for predicting the future and disarming ability to look into the heart and soul of an individual. Considering the thousands who have crossed my path my life continues to be blessed. (Picture: 1992, age 56!)  This is my favorite once upon a time photo! My hair is white and silver now! I'm 79!


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My work with tarot and astrology is done in an altered state, not unlike the level of awareness contacted by the artist or writer. The same chakra (spiritual center) governs psychic ability as controls artistry and creativity.

Lessons to do with every astrological sign may be found on TAROT & ASTROLOGY and TAROT TABLEAUS are designed to  assist you in the accomplishment of certain tasks or to improve upon different patterns in your life. Check them out at your convenience. To view other subjects in the same mode, kindly click your back button and return to the first page to make another selection.

For an appointment call 703-373-7353 or  Credit cards are no longer accepted for payment, only checks, money orders and payment through PayPal.

The Eye Nebulae

  "Were it not an excellent thing to live always as if you had lived from the beginning of the world, and should live to the end thereof?"

                                          Rosicrucian inquiry

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