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Key 7 The Chariot







The evolved CANCER nature is thoughtful and considerate when it comes to matters of speech or action.  Sensitivity is inherent, as is some degree of psychic awareness.  Compassion and empathy may extend to CLAIRSENTIENCE in the more highly evolved, the ability to feel what others are feeling; to know what is going on inside  the other person so a proper response is present in dealing with issues.

The CRAB of CANCER wears its skeleton on the outside, protecting the vulnerable softness within. The crab never approaches its prey directly, but rather sideways or backwards, avoiding direct confrontation, a common political ploy.  For this reason, DIPLOMACY and STATESMANSHIP are assigned to Key 7, THE CHARIOT, as is RIGHT SPEECH, something much needed in the political arena.  If you have an important meeting scheduled in business or with a family member, lover or friend, MEDITATION on THE CHARIOT might be a good idea beforehand.  It may help you find the rights words at the right time, thoughtful words that soothe a troubled mind or heart. 

The CANCER individual (or rising sign) is a highly PROTECTIVE and NURTURING.  This sign rules the home where we seek protection from threatening patterns in the outside world.  The four walls protect us from the elements and keep us from harm's way.  Yet, it is the PROTECTION of the HIGHER SELF that guides each of us all the days of our lives, which is represented by Key 7, THE CHARIOT.  Personality is the chariot of the HIGHER SELF, governed by the MOON of emotion, which rules CANCER. 

The CHARIOTEER is the HIGHER SELF taking us for a ride through the world of form.  That is why the highest aspect of Key 7 is SUBJUGATION TO DIVINE WILL, amounting to total acknowledgement of the ONE who is truly in charge, the great PROTECTOR of all humanity.

JUPITER is exalted in the sign of CANCER, the planetary ruler associated with the HIGHER SELF and higher learning. JUPITER is the Great Protector as the largest planet in our Solar System, drawing comets and asteroids toward it and protecting the Earth from these impacts as was true in the case of the Shoemaker-Levy Comet that hit JUPITER in 1994. 

My spiritual teacher, Ann Davies, used to keep a copy of KEY 7, THE CHARIOT, in her car to remind her to drive right and to protect her from herself as well as other motorists on the road.  Not a bad idea!


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