Place the selected TAROT KEY(S) on a table, mantle, or dresser where you can glance at them from time to time. Or you may place the cards in front of you on a table and study them for five or ten minutes a day. It is wise to have a special notebook for recording impressions you receive during these sessions. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for opening your consciousness to the wonders and mysteries of life. From using the Tarot Tableau you will learn far more than what is given here.









This is a great Tarot Tableau for the creative individual who finds him or herself in a creative vacuum, writer's block or some impasse.  THE EMPRESS, Key 3, represents IMAGINATION expressed through Venus, Mother Nature, Goddess of Love and Beauty, Patroness of the Arts.  The fertile UNCONSCIOUS is responsible for the expression of all CREATIVITY and ARTISTIC EXPRESSION, all GIFTS of LOVE of the evolving soul to assist in bringing greater beauty and joy into the life of others in this world.

The abundance of Nature is illustrated on Key 3, the pregnant Mother of the Tarot.  It is after conscious choice has planted a seed in the unconscious that it takes root and grows to fruition in the abundance of beauty around us. The same tableau that increases CREATIVITY also increases a sense of SELF LOVE and SELF WORTH. There's a double bonus with this tableau for meditation. THE EMPRESS alone gets you in touch with the LOVE of the COSMIC MOTHER and heals wounds in the heart and psyche.  Perfect Motherhood is expressed, with a strong connection to the throat center, which enables you to say the words to heal yourself and others. All the arts uplift and heal through words, art, dance, music, song, or other aspects of artistic expression.

VENUS, Key 3, rules TAURUS, Key 5, THE HIEROPHANT, the Key that primarily rules INTUITION and ABUNDANCE through the second house of finance.  Another bonus with this tableau is feeling RICH and being RICH indeed.  Within you are all the gifts and skills necessary to accomplish any task.  The Gifts of the Spirit are Gifts of Love that bring joy and fulfillment to the individual and those able to share and enjoy the expression. 

CREATIVITY is a blessing to be shared.  CREATING alone can fulfill the CREATOR.  Each of us does our very best when LOVE guides the work, whether in the workaday world or in the arts.  If you don't love your work, then find another way to make a living that you can love. You'll be richer and happier if you love your work. 



Our Glorious Universe!


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