Place these Keys of the Tarot Major Arcana on a dresser, table or mantle, and simply glance at them several times a day during the month. Or, you may place these cards on a table before you for five minutes a day while you study them in a quiet, contemplative state. It might be a good idea to take notes, to jot down the thoughts and ideas that come to you while you are meditating these particular Tarot Keys in this special TAROT TABLEAU:









This Tableau may be used with many different objectives in mind, but those listed above should appeal to most who visit this website. We all need to become more intuitive in order to make the right choices in our lives and stay out of trouble.  To begin with, with INTUITION or CREATIVITY, it is necessary to quiet the mind and enter the SILENCE.  The greatest creativity comes out of the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS or Vital Soul.  KEY 2, THE HIGH PRIESTESS represents the SUBCONSCIOUS, UNCONSCIOUS, or MOON, where all the answers to all the questions are stored in the GREAT INLAND SEA of  COLLECTIVE MEMORY.  Herein lie the MEMORIES of all Time and Space, as well as all personal past lives.  Herein the Akashic Record is stored with the history of the Universe and all Time. Out of the SILENCE comes all invention and creation.

For at least 20 minutes a day it is important to meditate, to be silent and shut out the chatter of radio and television, people in general, and the incessant chatter of your own conscious thoughts. It is important to get away from outward distractions to tune in to your own capabilities and spiritual talents. Do yourself a favor and learn to be quiet for at least 20 minutes a day. Pick a time and a place to create a sacred space for yourself.  Let your voice mail or answering machine pick up your phone messages with the ring turned off. They can wait 20 minutes. The world will not come to an end if you don't answer the phone.  Start being good to yourself by learning to be quiet.

Initially, follow the rhythm of your breath, flowing in and out like the waves on the shore. Your breath is your life. Breathe deeply, slowly, rhythmically. When your mind wanders, bring it back to your rhythmic breath. Focus on your breath. Entering the SILENCE will help to heal your body,  mind and emotions.  Quiet meditation will lower your blood pressure and help your heart to beat more smoothly. Take the time to do this, please. You owe it to yourself!

Key 5, THE HIEROPHANT, represents TAURUS, the second sign of the Zodiac, which rules MONEY and VALUES.  The key words for TAURUS: I HAVE. The hint: you already HAVE everything you need to lead a perfect life. You have your body, your mind, your feelings, your ability to SPEAK and HEAR, which is ruled by TAURUS.  Speaking and hearing involve the TAURUS parts of your body: lower jaw, throat, ears, vocal chords. Through the voice human beings express their feelings and thoughts to one another. This is a blessing, a divine gift.  Most of us have been given ears with which to hear the voice of our beloved, our families, children, friends, in addition to the Music of the Spheres. We can hear everything from the talents expressed by other individual to the voices of angels and heavenly choirs when we're deep within the SILENCE. Even the physically deaf can tune into heavenly choirs within.

LISTEN is an important word associated with Key 5, THE HIEROPHANT: Be still and know that I am God is the primary scriptural message. When you are always talking, always thinking, you are NOT listening. Out of simple politeness it is a good idea to listen to people that speak to you. How often do you miss what someone is trying to tell you because you were too busy thinking about what you were going to say next? Good listeners are a prize on the planet and make the best of friends. If you can't hear what your child or lover is trying to tell you, how do you expect to be able to hear the VOICE OF THE SILENCE...the Voice of God? Learn to be quiet, still, and to LISTEN.

The MOON, Key 2, THE HIGH PRIESTESS, is exalted in the sign of TAURUS, the fixed Earth sign. This fact stabilizes the emotions and bestows increased CREATIVITY.  Individual talents and skills, whether in business or some form of artistry, are what help you to provide for yourself and your family.  Not only the necessities of life are thus provided, but luxuries as well.  ABUNDANCE is the natural outcome of doing what you LOVE. If you don't love your work, find some other way to make a living. If you do what you love you will be blessed with ABUNDANCE.

THE EMPRESS, VENUS, represents Mother Nature, Patroness of the Arts: GAIA, SOPHIA, the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Not a bad tableau for women who might want to be pregnant. The creation of one person in business or the arts sometimes generates livelihoods for the many.  Look at how many people are involved in making a successful motion picture or theatrical production? Amazing when you think about it!

THE EMPRESS can also help you to love yourself and everyone else, unconditionally. So if you're feeling unloved, this is a great tableau!  All the LOVE in the Universe resides at the Core of your Being. Get in touch with that LOVE and CREATIVITY, and thereby, draw on the unlimited supply available. FEEL IT!  TAURUS is touchy-feely, sensual to the core. VENUS is CREATIVE IMAGINATION, UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE, THE LOVE OF THE DIVINE MOTHER. What more do you need? VENUS is smiling on you. Enjoy the warmth, knowing that you already have what you need within and always will in order to fulfill your personal Destiny!

Learn to be SILENT. Learn to LISTEN and to trust your instincts.  Pay attention to the STILL SMALL VOICE WITHIN and you will never be disappointed, for you will be led to fulfill your great and noble Destiny!


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