Place these KEYS of the Tarot Major Arcana on a dresser, table or mantle and simply glance at them several times a day during the month. Or you may place the cards on a table before you for five minutes a day while you study them in a contemplative state. It may be a good idea to take notes and jot down thoughts and ideas that come to you while you are meditating these particular Tarot KEYS:


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The Right Words at the Right Time


This Tarot Tableau can help you have the right words at the right time and learn the art of tact and diplomacy. When you have an important meeting planned or a special discussion, business or personal, this is the tableau for you! KEY 2, THE HIGH PRIESTESS, is the Tarot KEY that represents the UNCONSCIOUS, that part of awareness known as the SUBCONSCIOUS, where all memories and habits are stored.  KEY 2 also rules SILENCE. In the mystery schools, the value of SILENCE was always taught to the novices.  A popular metaphysical motto: To Know, to Dare, to Do, and be SILENT.

Words have power that begins with thought. Thoughts are highly charged. If you want to change your destiny you will have to start by changing the way you think and by not allowing yourself to dwell on negative thoughts or experiences.  It is important to learn from experience and to get on with your life.  Dwelling on the negative never gets anyone anywhere except into greater darkness and despair.  CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES in accordance with individual FOCUS.  THE HIGH PRIESTESS represents the MOON, our personal karma and family connections, for with family there is always karma.  Yet, the MOON also represents the Vital Soul, the depth of MEMORY where the past and the future meet more commonly referred to as the Akashic Record.

KEY 7, THE CHARIOT, is CANCER, with the KEY words: I FEEL, ruled by the MOON.  JUPITER, KEY 10, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, is exalted in CANCER, which rules the breasts, breastplate (or rib cage), pancreas, and stomach located in the area of the Solar Plexus, the Jupiter Center or Chakra. It is the gut we refer to where the Voice of Intuition "speaks" to us with the VOICE OF THE SILENCE.  This is the part of the body where those positive or negative feelings come up when we think about doing or not doing.  It is part of the body to which all of us NEED to pay close ATTENTION when it speaks to us.  Going against our basic feelings tends to get us into very deep emotional water.

CANCER is known as the sign of the DIPLOMAT and STATESMANSHIP.  The Crab always steps sideways or backwards, never directly approaches its prey.  These are diplomatic tools. The careful choice of words and meaning is important at the peace table whether it involves nations, corporations, families, or individuals. Bluntness seldom resolves issues of importance. Care needs to be taken with words. Say what you mean and mean what you say and try to be thoughtful in your choice of words. Consider the other person's feelings or response when approaching an important matter. All of us need to be less selfish, since selfishness is at the root of many personal, national, and even international conflicts. SELFLESSNESS is what happens as a soul evolves. Realized individuals begin to think in universal terms, although humanity is still in the process of becoming truly HUMANE.  There appears to be some individuals who do not yet deserve to be called human in fact.

KEY 10, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, relates to HIGHER MIND, SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS.  This key rules COMPREHENSION and UNDERSTANDING.  JUPITER governs EVOLUTION, CIVILIZATION, and PROGRESS, so it  rules higher education, laws, and courts of law, history, public relations, international travel, psychology and religion. These are all aspects of civilization that refine the soul and group soul.  By learning the ways of others, we learn about the process of history and what makes people tick, which should help us to become more tolerant and compassionate, far less judgmental.

Whether you're asking for a raise, making a business proposal, trying to win an election, or just trying to mend fences with a family member, friend, or lover, you need to make sure the other person (s) UNDERSTANDS your intentions and motivation and exactly what is on your mind.  If you have a special request, do yourself and everyone else a big favor and take these factors into consideration.  That way you should end up living a happier, fuller life! 


What words can describe the wonders of the Universe?

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