How FREE is your WILL? How many of your New Year's resolutions are you actually going to keep and for how long? Are you really in charge of your life? Your passions? Your appetites? Your emotions? Your intentions?  Just how much  in control are YOU, really? Honesty, please. Lying to ourselves doesn't work, does it? For when it comes right down to it, we can't fool ourselves... our real SELF, the godlike DIVINE part of us just looks at our pathetic attempts, and I'd imagine... shakes its wise head in perfect SELF possession of Infinite Patience.

One of the hardest lessons to learn in this School of Life is SELF MASTERY, but without SELF MASTERY, there is no FREE WILL... like it or lump it. Most of us are still ruled by our lower self... aptly depicted by the chained humans on Key 15, THE DEVIL, who have resigned self-consciousness and subconsciousness to far less than what is divinely intended. Involved with this picture of BONDAGE and SLAVERY is the metaphysical warning: Be careful of what you wish for. For everything we "want" or think we "need"  there is often a precious price to pay, a price that enslaves our lower nature to one degree or another... like the big mortgage for our "dream house" or the responsibilities that go with being "in charge" at the top. And poof...there goes FREE WILL. For in Time we are "bound by our engagements" as patterns play out.

One of the reasons for "fasting" in a spiritual community is to learn self control... to find out how much our physical appetite might be in charge. When our body wants sustenance, it wants sustenance. Denial (as in dieting) can serve to increase the "need" or "want" for the forbidden fruit, whatever that might be: Chocolate? Sugar? Carbs? Crunchies? Munchies... more, more, more!?  Ah, yes... I am strong. I am determined. I am invincible. I will prevail... until those See's Chocolates show up on the buffet table and one leads to two, three, ten or twenty.  Oh, well, I'll try again after the holidays. After the holidays, there will be SELF MASTERY! After the holidays, I will have FREE WILL until the next temptation, another word for KEY 15.

As long as your physical needs, emotional desires, or mental meanderings decide the course of your existence... you do NOT have FREE WILL. Then, there's KARMA, of course, the long arm of UNIVERSAL LAW reaching out to grab you. If you're lucky your KARMA catches up with you in the here and now (this life) and doesn't end up being something to deal with in another life when you haven't got a clue why everything is going so terribly wrong. It's the principle of as you sow so shall you reap working out in the process of your daily life, which is why is behooves you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you for of such is the Law and the Prophets in the here and now, and that's the absolute TRUTH taught by all spiritual Masters. The chickens do come home to roost, like it or not. So make one of your New Year's resolutions based upon that premise, please, any month or day of the year.

The way to rise above Universal Law is to live and breathe Universal Law... to BE Universal Law in action. So how FREE is your WILL? How much is your WILL aligned with DIVINE WILL, since ultimately the SELF always wins? Yet, in becoming that SELF more each day you are aligning with those principles in ACTION and LIVING that LIFE.

You can start by making wise decisions about the food you put into your body for it to operate at optimum performance... this is the beginning of body wisdom that gives the body the freedom to operate at its best. Your body is the holy temple of the Divine Breath, the Holy Spirit, so honor and respect it, please. Keep your vehicle in good running order.

You can make wise decisions in terms of the books you read or the movies and television you watch, so that your mind is not filled with negative images of fear and violence or despair (avoiding the news may even be wise at times these days).  You can choose to read inspirational material, to meditate, to contemplate the wonders of nature all around. Watching a sunrise or sunset is free if you have the will to direct your consciousness to such beauty to lift your spirits for just a few moments... providing food for your soul. Make friends with your plants and trees, for they live to provide you with what you need.

Matters of the heart are always karmic in nature. To love is a blessing, so love as much and as often as you can. My spiritual teacher, Ann Davies, used to say that even unrequited love is better than no love, since it provides you with the JOY of LOVING. Never be afraid to love. After all, you are LOVE INCARNATE. When you touch that experience at your core you will stop worrying about being loved back. If someone is unable to love you, forgive them, bless them, and let them go. Any type of negative thought or action toward another only serves to show you what a slave you are to your lower emotions... your passions... and how far you are from SELF MASTERY.

As you MASTER your SELF you will gain FREE WILL, for you will no longer be bound or enslaved to your LOWER NATURE.  This is the task we all face, and we will keep coming back to this world until our lessons have been learned and MASTERY has been attained... even if it takes ETERNITY! 


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The Eye of God is always watching!

Get on with the realization of your innate divinity!


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