Place the selected TAROT KEY(S) on a table, mantle, or dresser where you can glance at them from time to time. Or you may place the cards in front of you on a table and study them for five or ten minutes a day. It is wise to have a special notebook for recording impressions you receive during these sessions. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for opening your consciousness to the wonders and mysteries of life. From using the Tarot Tableau you will learn far more than what is given here.


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This Tableau is good for getting focused and reaching a greater understanding of exactly who you are and your purpose for being on the planet this time around.  Life is a school, and as a student, we're always learning and growing in experience and understanding.  This cannot be avoided while you're on the planet unless you happen to be completely and totally unconscious. 

With Key 1, THE MAGICIAN, we are reminded of the tools available for our earthly journey.  On the MAGICIAN'S table are the four tools of the Tarot Minor Arcana: the Wand of will and initiative, the Cup of desire and emotion, the Sword of intellect that includes the ability to make choices, and the Pentacle of practicality that relates to the five senses that helps us sustain  and support our life on the planet. Most souls are fortunate enough to be born with all of these tools at his or her disposal for their entire life. 

THE MAGICIAN is MERCURY the conscious mind that inhabits the physical vehicle of the body for the ride of a lifetime, that aspect of consciousness with which it is important to pay ATTENTION or else we're apt to miss out on some pretty important aspects of human experience.  In fact, a great many of life's tragedies occur because someone wasn't really paying attention.

Key 10, the WHEEL OF FORTUNE, is JUPITER, and this rules HIGHER MIND and higher learning.  When JUPITER comes into play our elementary education is usually well behind us.  We've already learned about being an independent entity with a mind of our own (this usually kicks in by the age of 7 or 8 when we learned how to read and write) and now the greater adventure of life and learning presents itself.  We begin to form our own philosophy and become more aware of our own set of ethics and rules, our personal standard.  We begin to expand and grow into something more unique as our sense of adventure and curiosity bloom.  We begin to set important goals for ourselves, goals that probably started with Key 1, THE MAGICIAN, which comes into play again and again as we focus on new goals and relationships in life.  The reaching of one goal often sparks the desire to set another, and slowly but surely, we begin to check off one goal after another when we keep the objective fixed in consciousness. 

Key 1 is always the initial DECISION, the CHOICE, and Key 10, which happens to be another numerological 1 (1 + 0 = 1) helps us to expand upon the original concept or idea.  With JUPITER we begin to gather more information that will make our goal something we can actually reach or attain.  We begin to read and study the subject that interests us and to refine our talents and skills as we gather information to get us where we want to go.  We begin to UNDERSTAND more and more about what we want and what we need to do to get there or have that very thing.  Wishing alone has never made any dream tangible.  Concentrated effort is important even if it just means taking a trip from one place to another, since it's when we keep taking detours that we never get where we wanted to go.

This is a great tableau for DISCIPLINE, by the way, something required to reach most goals.  SUCCESS can only be achieved when we stay on track, an aspect of Key 1, THE MAGICIAN, and that includes the information gathering stage of Key 10, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, when we learned more about our own self and how we can finally achieve the SUCCESS promised by Key 19, THE SUN, another numerological number 1 (1 + 9 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1).  With this tableau we are reminded over and over about the importance of staying FOCUSED on our goal or ultimate destination...about making it number one...1.

When we do get off track when it comes to anything we might want to achieve or attain (write a book, lose weight, get in shape, education to be whatever, pay off the mortgage, have a great relationship, be debt free, run the corporation, be rich, rule the world) we have to stop and ask our self if our present actions or attitudes are leading us in the right direction?  Such as: If I continue to do what I'm doing now, or to act in this manner, is it contributing to the reaching of my goal?  KEEPING FOCUSED IS VERY IMPORTANT.  Getting off track does not mean giving up the dre[ maj19.gif ]am or the goal.  If the goal is somewhat realistic in terms of your personal capabilities, it simply means the time has come for serious re-adjustment to get back on track if you really intend to go for the GOLD.

Key 19, THE SUN, is the GOLD or the GOAL in essence. THE SUN is a happy Tarot card because it spells out success, recognition, attainment, achievement, awards, rewards, promotion and advancement.  Hurrah!  Hurrah!  I finished the book.  I lost the weight.  I have muscles again.  I got my degree.  I paid off the mortgage! I'm debt free!  I'm in a fulfilling relationship.  I just made CEO.  I have money in the bank and my investments have recovered.  I won the lottery! They're actually thinking of making me King or Queen of the World!  Congratulations!  You did it!  Which means it's time to set more goals so you can feel good when you attain them ... and the beat goes on.

Happy achievement...whatever your goal. Work on yourself and you will eventually get there. May all your efforts be crowned with success as you follow the sun with the royalty of ancient Egypt! After all, it's in the cards!


 Here, Tutankahmun wears a form of the triple Atef Crown, while his Queen weres the Two Feathers


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