KEY 12, THE HANGED MAN, has to do with the principle of the SACRIFICED GOD, the need we all have to SURRENDER. This is a tough concept for most of us on the spiritual path. How do we let go of what we want to have? We all tend to hold on too tight to our ideas, our wants and supposed needs, our aspirations, our relationships with family and friends, not to mention a lover? How the heck do we let go of the BELOVED? Not easy, is it?

How do we RELEASE our cherished hopes and dreams from being hampered by our constant longing for their immediate or ultimate fulfillment? Well, giving it all up to the highest is a very important part of the process of getting it, believe or not, Ripley!

Have you ever noticed how prayers can be answered when you've totally forgotten about them?  When you've really given up?  You let go and the prayer was answered! This is part of the process of learning to VISUALIZE and then let it go!  For when something is constantly held in self-consciousness ... subconsciousness doesn't have the chance to work on it.

Consciousness does create, however, so keep that in mind when you worry, which is negative meditation. If you worry about something long enough and hard enough it's highly likely to happen, so stop it, please! Unless that's what you want. Worry is negative use of the visualization process.  Please try to remember that at all times!

In the act of serious meditation, the intellect surrenders to the subconscious or unconscious where all the good stuff is stored, so answers you seek can come into your conscious awareness. All the answers to all the mysteries in the Universe are contained within the Collective Unconscious storehouse, which is shared with all of Life. 

Having one of those days when everything goes terribly haywire can in fact be very good for you.  Because when that happens you're forced to let go and release it all! What else can you do except maybe beat your head against the wall, and that won't get you anything but a headache or brain damage? When life doesn't go my way, I always get out, or conjure up (imagine) THE HANGED MAN. I used to keep Key 12 on my dresser all the time, and I should probably put one back there, come to think of it! 

For instance, can you force anyone to love you? Charms, potions, all of that is silly nonsense! I'm always amazed by these gypsies who claim they can bring back your two-timing lover who just deserted you for someone else, probably less worthy, right? Why bother? If your lover wants someone else instead of you, I'm sure they're doing you a big favor. In the immediate future you may need to meditate on THE HANGED MAN to help get him or her out of your system faster. Yet we all learn and grow from and through our pain, like it or not. No pain no gain!

Deception is a definite aspect of this card, but the one who fools us most often is our self ... through illusions and delusions, lack of facts, misconceptions, being too dreamy, or escaping through substances that distort our perception, alcohol or drugs. Even too much chocolate can be a hazard, whether it makes you feel like you're in love or whatever! 

For instance, is romance really love? Or is romance the game we play to capture the attention of someone we fancy, someone who rattles our cage and makes our temperature rise? My spiritual teacher Ann Davies used to say that we don't "fall in love"... we grow in love. Giving up our need for romance is not easy, either. Actually, romance is fine when you know that it's simply a courtship game. When you buy into it as reality you're more than likely in serious trouble.

In all experiences in life there are lessons to learn. Some are easier than others, needless to say. That's why we can call on the Holy Spirit for help, depicted in part by Key 12, anytime, anywhere.  Help SELF ... will the real SELF please step forward and step in and take me out of this fog? Burn off the haze and bring in the LIGHT, so I can see the way out of the dark forest and not fall off the cliff again.  Falling off the cliff again and again is really painful, right?

From the highest spiritual perspective, KEY 12, THE HANGED MAN, has to do with a state of consciousness the Yogis and Buddhists call SAMADHI, when the lower mind SURRENDERS to the HIGHER MIND and all lower activities are SUSPENDED, sometimes this includes breathing and other normal bodily functions, believe it or not, it happens to be true. 

Babaji, the Divine Himalayan Yogi, sat in a cave in the late 1970s in India in this suspended state for 39 days and nights without moving, without eating, without doing anything, with one arm suspended in the air. I was privileged to meet this spiritual Master in Bombay, India, in 1982, and he has continued to play a significant role in my life. I've had some magical, unbelievable experiences regarding the Mahavatar Babaji

When I went to work and play in Asia in 1994, I knew something was going to happen that involved Babaji on the trip.  I'd considered returning to India, but it didn't happen. As it turned out, I met a woman in Bali who invited me to a session with crystal chakra bowls, and it just so happened that the people who owned the house were devotees of Babaji.  They were in Switzerland at one of his ashrams that summer. His picture was on the wall. 

You can learn more about this elevated being at He's worth investigating. I'm especially fond of his teachings because he teaches that all paths lead to the One, which has always been my philosophy.

Most of us are not yet ready to become Spiritual Masters, but some us may actually be a whole lot closer to reaching that elevated state of awareness than we presently realize. As one highly popular Master taught, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." 

An important part of spiritual growth is RELEASE and SURRENDER, and that includes letting go of all our negative traits, habits and attitudes, for in the process we purify our hearts and souls to live the greater life that is our true and ultimate Destiny.


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